Internship Goupil/ Polaris

Automotive, product

Internship Goupil/ Polaris

Goupil Industry & Polaris

August to November 2012

Market research study
Ergonomic and studies of users.
Ideation, Transportation Design
Choice of materials, CAD.


 Redesign of the G3, a compact electric utility vehicle.   

 This project comes within the framework of my third year internship at Goupil Industry. Goupil is the European leader on the electric utility vehicle and now part of the Polaris group. I had the opportunity to work on existing products but also to come up with a fresh and creative approach for the next generation of vehicle. I had to improve the quality of the vehicle without modifying the characteristics that have made the brand successful.

I applied a user-centered approach to make complex elements simple, focusing on an intuitive experience rather than a solution only driven by technological or manufacturing concerns. This methodology allowed me to explore and bring new concepts to a company, which is mainly industrially-focused.

I focus on Touching points

I run into manufacturing challenge!

I dive into an Experimental learning loop